The Cubs

For everyone’s reference, presenting the 2007 Chicago Cubs… This is a work in progress.



Mark DeRosa – The Super-Utility Guy
Age: 32
Positions: 2B, 3B, 1B, RF, SS
DeRosa’s stats

dero has essentially been a backup his entire career. however, he signed with the cubs to a three-year deal this offseason as their projected starting second baseman. his first season as a starter was last year for the rangers and he had a breakout year with a .296/.357/.456 line. he is a stud on defense, as he can play pretty much any infield position as well as right field and he plays them well above average. he continues to make outstanding plays, saving hits and runs, no matter where he is out there this year.


“Winning definitely solves all the problems. We’ve definitely come together as a team. Today was a perfect example of it. You could see the excitement — it didn’t matter who hit it, as long as somebody hit it. We just felt like we were too talented, and guys were scuffling early and making mistakes — mental mistakes — and not playing their game. Obviously, you see the talent of Alfonso Soriano at the top of the order, and then there’s the influx of young talent like Mike Fontenot — two more hits today. Ted Williams is cringing.” 6/29/07.

“It’s one of those things where I know Lou feels I can help the club more moving around instead of being at one position. I actually enjoy it. I have no clue where I’ll be tomorrow. I’ll wait for the lineup to go up. It’s something I’ve done for a long time. It’s not a problem at all.” 6/30/07.

Cliff Floyd
Age: 36
Position: RF
Floyd’s stats

cliff grew up in chicago and now he is finally back. he’s had a long career, starting with the expos in 93, but he has always been on-again off-again injured. regardless, floyd can still hit even if he can barely run anymore. he had a good year in 2005 with the mets hitting .273/.358/.505 with 34 HR and 98 RBI. the cubs signed him this offseason to a one-year deal and so far he has consistently been hitting around .300 and drawing his fair share of walks.


“I definitely see a lot more confidence. We don’t start going, ‘Oh, no, here we go again’ if things don’t go our way. That’s huge. When you start to wonder if you’re going to get outs or get hits, you’re hoping. Right now, we’re not hoping.” 7/3/07.

Mike Fontenot – LSU Bayou Boy #2
Age: 27
Positions: 2B, SS
Fontenot’s stats

fontenot came over to the cubs organization in 2004 from baltimore in the sammy sosa deal. he played a few games for the cubs in 2005 but since then has been down on the farm until this year, his true rookie season. since he got called up for the second time this year on june 10th he has been knocking the cover off the ball, finding holes, and in general tearing it up. he played on lsu’s college world series championship team with ryan theriot in 2000 which is where the bayou boys nickname comes from.

Derrek Lee
Age: 31
Position: 1B
Lee’s stats

best cubs first baseman since mark grace

Aramis Ramirez
Age: 29
Position: 3B
Ramirez’s stats

best cubs third baseman since ron santo

Alfonso Soriano
Age: 31
Position: LF
Soriano’s stats

i love soriano


“I think the team is starting to enjoy playing, enjoying the game. That’s the difference. I think the team now had a very good month, and hopefully we can have another good month. Now we feel like a team.” (7/1/07)

“The first pitch of the game, that’s the best pitch the pitcher has to open the game. It’s a little complicated because they know I’m a fastball hitter, but they don’t want to throw a first-pitch breaking ball because they don’t feel comfortable. I always feel good swinging at the first pitch.”

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Carlos Marmol – The Future Closer
Age: 24
Position: RHP
Marmol’s stats

Michael Wuertz
Age: 27
Position: RHP
Wuertz’s stats

wuertz has been in the cubs bullpen for his entire four-year career in the majors. he has also never been on the disabled list, just been solid and reliable and continues to be through this season.

Bob Howry
Age: 34
Position: RHP
Howry’s stats

struggled early but seems to have turned it around. his W-L record out of the bullpen is evidence of how often these guys had a meltdown the first half of this season. ex-white sox closer

Will Ohman
Age: 30
Position: LHP
Ohman’s stats

right now the most reliable lefty out of the cubs bullpen, which isn’t really saying that much. he is pretty much the definition of average.

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