The Curious Case of Jason Jones

The twins selected Jason Jones from the Yankees during the Rule 5 draft this past summer. Jones reported to Twins camp happy to be there:

“Here, there are superstars too, but it feels a lot more like we’re a team. It’s a lot better chemistry.”

The 26 year old pitcher hopes to catch on with the Twins this summer. Hopefully when he plays in the major he will learn a thing or two about other teams in baseball. This is how Jones described his trade to the Twins:

“I didn’t even know what color uniforms they wore. I thought, are they maroon? Red? Or blue, maybe? I didn’t know anything,” said the right-handed pitcher. “They’re not on ESPN every night like the Yankees are. So they were kind of a mystery to me.”

Really? Really!

Well Jason, if you are reading (although chances are he doesn’t even know what the internet is) this webpage might help you trying to decipher your teammates:

Another thing, baseball is played in Kansas City, Texas and Seattle. The American League has the DH while the National League does not. The twins last won a world series in 1991 when you were 8 or 9 years old. I guess you were busy shooting frogs for supper and missed that series…dumb ass

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