Pirates @ Cubs, Game 44

Cubs 4, Pirates 3 (W) WP: Marquis (2), LP: Dumatrait, SV: Wood (10)
Record: 27-17 (1st place)

Piniella: “When you get good pitching, you don’t need to hit nearly as much. That was a wonderful homestand for us.”

The Cubs finished a 10 game homestand today with an 8-2 record over that stretch. This game boiled down to being patient at the plate and getting the timely hits (and sac flies). Phil Dumatrait walked 7 Cubs in 4.2 innings. Jason Marquis walked 2 in 6 innings and gave up only 2 earned runs on 4 hits. He was not exactly dominant but did the job that a 5th starter needs to do by keeping the Cubs in the game and eating up innings.

The Cubs bullpen (with the exception of a shaky, but effective Howry) was filthy. However, so was the Pirates’ pen. It was not an easy win but the Cubs are a good team and they got it done. Today the offense cooled off a little bit and it was not exactly the Soriano show as it has been throughout this homestand.

Soriano won the NL player of the week going 21 for 40 with 7 home runs in the last ten games. He raised his batting average about 70 points so now he is just under the .300 mark, where he is expected to be. If you read the news articles, you’ll see lots of people talking about how Soriano is a “streaky” player. Obviously, we’ve just witnessed one hell of a hot streak. He put up 6 multi-hit games this past week!

So, since Soriano has been a Cub, how many multi-hit games has he shown up for and do they show any evidence of streakiness? In 165 games as a Cub, 60 of them have been multi-hit games!! Thats incredible! More than I expected… Lets look at it:

Apr 2007: 3 games (DL)
May 2007: 10 games
Jun 2007: 12 games
Jul 2007: 10 games
Aug 2007: 2 games (DL)
Sep 2007: 13 games
Apr 2008: 2 games (DL)
May 2008: 8 games (as of May 18th)

It looks like he is pretty consistently having good games to me. As long as he stays healthy of course. Maybe a lot of the shit he takes stems from the fact that his legs aren’t quite what they were before he came to Chicago. However, the evidence is clear that the man can still hit a baseball pretty well. A multi-hit game 36% of the time is pretty acceptable to me. Let’s keep him in the lead-off spot.

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