Pirates @ Cubs, Game 42

Cubs 7, Pirates 4 (W) WP: Gallagher, LP: Gorzelanny
Record: 26-16 (1st place)

Soriano: “I have my confidence back.”

Ok… The Cubs are, like, really good. First in the major leagues in runs scored with 245. First in the National League in runs allowed with 174. Thats a run differential of 71 runs… in 42 games. That is, like, really dominant. Pretty exciting. I’ve never cheered for a baseball team this good. It’s pretty nice for a change.

I hate missing blogging games, but add Jake Peavy and Greg Maddux to the list of pitchers the Cubs have rocked so far. “Rocked” being defined as having put up 4 or more earned runs on him in one game. And add a third consecutive time for Tom Gorzelanny. Yikes. 5 days ago there were 18 pitchers on the list. Now there are 23.

Soriano is ridiculous right now. 3 lead-off home runs in 4 games. Shawn Estes? Gone. Jake Peavy? Gone. Gorzelanny? Yep. I wonder if Zach Duke is going to throw him a first-pitch fastball tomorrow… I wonder if he is going to throw him a fastball at all.

Soto and DeRosa also homered today, plus Andy Sonnanstine shut down the Cardinals. I like it.

Tangent: I don’t why people complain about Interleague Play being boring. Its fucking cool. I’ll happily tune in to watch the Rays play the Cardinals. Its fresh. Why do I want to see the Cubs play the NL Central teams 15 teams each per year? The games definitely mean something. Its not exhibition, it counts on a team’s record. How does a game between the Cardinals and the Giants, for example, mean any more than one against the Rays? Because of the wild card? Not really. I don’t like that the AL and NL feel so different. Its all Major League Baseball. The teams should all play each other and play by the same rules. Yeah, I’m talking about you DH. Get lost. I’ll always be a National League fan, but I fully support Interleague Play. Also, watch out for the NL this year. I think the NL might just be about to take its first all-star game in ten years or whatever it is too.

So far: NL 5 games, AL 7 games. And the Padres have one of those wins if you can believe it. How did the NL West get so bad?


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