Padres @ Cubs, Game 39

Padres 4, Cubs 3 (L) WP: Shawn Estes

Marquis: “The mistakes seem more magnified right now.”

The Padres put up 4 runs against Marquis in the fourth inning today while the Cubs couldn’t put up any offense past the second inning. It looked like the rain was coming down pretty hard at Wrigley tonight so I don’t what effect that had but apparently it wasn’t a good one. Marquis is the Cubs’ 5th starter and giving up 4 runs in 6 innings isn’t completely unreasonable. When Lee, Ramirez, and Fukudome don’t get on base at all throughout an entire game, its going to be a lot harder to win.

You can see here that they’ve all three been “no-hit” only twice so far this year in the same game before tonight. Once on Apr 10, a win, against the Pirates (Lee still managed to drive in 2 runs) and once on Apr 24, a loss, against the Rockies. Those were both away games. Tonight was the first time it happened at Wrigley.

I can’t stress too much about this game, although it would’ve been nice to beat Estes when we’ve got Peavy and Maddux coming up next. The Lee-Aram-Kosuke heart of the order isn’t going to have many games like this. So far its 1 in 13 games. We’ll watch how that trend develops…


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