Are the Cubs making anyone look bad?

The Cubs have put up plenty of big innings this year (11 total with 5 or more runs scored). I was wondering how much of this damage they’ve done against quality pitchers and how much has been against scrubs like Derrick Turnbow. The latter type of pitcher probably doesn’t make too many appearances in the playoffs… And since I’m not actually on the team, I’m allowed to start thinking about the postseason at the beginning of May.

As of today, here is a list of opposing pitchers that the Cubs have put up 4 or more runs against this season.

Qualls was pitching well so far this year, Oswalt and Harang are their team’s respective “aces”. Lohse and Gorzelanny each threw a couple dominant games against the Cubs last year. So its great to see them beat up on these guys. Lets hope this trend of scoring lots of runs (most runs scored in MLB right now!) continues.


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