Cubs @ Nationals, Game 25

Nationals 2, Cubs 0 (L)
Cubs could not get anything going against up-and-coming Nats pitcher John Lannan. Actually they had opportunities in the 5th and 6th innings with men in scoring position and less than two outs and failed to convert both times.

Ted Lilly pitched well, only walking two batters and striking out 7. But two runs on three singles (and the lack of Soriano’s arm in LF) cost him the game.

So whats everyone talking about?
Piniella: “I think we’re going to have a few more [scoring opportunities] before the year is over, too. We just didn’t capitalize. If you capitalize, you don’t lose. If you don’t capitalize, you lose.”

D Lee: “He [Lannan] pitched well. I didn’t think we did a very good job at the plate. We had one of those days when we didn’t swing the bats well. We had opportunities and didn’t make it happen today.”

Reed Johnson: “He was throwing basically all cutters, back-door cutters. It felt like when you got in a good count to hit, he’d throw one away. Sometimes you have to tip your hat… I had some good 1-0, 2-0 counts to hit in and he’d cut the ball on the outside corner, and it’s not something you want to swing at. Everything he was throwing was moving pretty good. I think you have to give him credit… We’re putting ourselves in good situations to hit. For the most part this year, we’ve been able to finish the job and finish teams off, but in this series, it seems like we couldn’t do that.”

Ted Lilly: “I feel like my job as a starting pitcher is to keep up with the other guy, and he pitched well. You have to give him credit, especially against our lineup. Hopefully, we’ll get another chance. I don’t think it’s a fluke that he has good stuff… It [My velocity] wasn’t what I feel I’m capable of, and I feel I’m going to get there. More important than that, what was [Lannan] throwing? I don’t think he was throwing 93, and he threw seven shutout innings. As a pitcher, you can learn from something like that… I would certainly like more velocity, but if you want to win games, it’s not about how hard you throw, but about making pitches. Maybe velocity is a little more of an advantage coming out of the ‘pen, but a starting pitcher can’t rely on that. John Lannan was a good example of that today.”

Ryan Theriot grounded into a bases loaded double play to end the Cub’s threat in the fifth inning.

Theriot: “You can’t get a ton of hits every game. The guy had a good game and threw the ball well. We had a couple chances and didn’t get runs in.”

Cubs Key Stats
Game MVP(s): Ted Lilly (QS, 2 ER, 6 IP, 2 BB, 7 K)
Anti-Clutch Double Plays: Ryan Theriot
Still Useless: Matt Murton (0 for 1, .091 AVG), Daryle Ward (0 for 1, K, .067 AVG)


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