Movement in the NL Central

Its looks like Jason Kendall is gonna sign with the Brewers for at least one year. I hope this means that when the Cubs play the Brew Crew next year that Soriano, Pie, Theriot, Kaz Matsui, Fukudome, and Carl Crawford will all be stealing bases non-stop. Hell, throw Derrek Lee in there too. Otherwise this was a good pickup for the Brewers. I was pretty happy with what Kendall did for the Cubs last year. He couldnt stay on as a backup so he had to go somewhere, I just didn’t think it would be this close to home.

But the Brewers lost their closer in the meantime. No more Cordero, he signed with his new (or old) pal Dusty Baker and the Reds. I guess this matters to the Brewers but it doesnt matter much to the Cubs. Cordero is still in the NL Central. Not that anyone is scared of him. He’ll always be associated with the Aramis Ramirez walk-off at Wrigley on June 29th in my mind.


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