To explain some of the thinking on this website (ie MIGAMES) I talk about breakfast

This isnt really about baseball at all but I’m gonna post it here anyway. I’ve calmed down a lot since the Jones trade. But maybe I’m a little too calm. I ruined my breakfast this morning and now I’m sitting here hungry. I had diced up a delicious looking onion and thrown it in a frying pan with some frozen hash browns and some olive oil. The pan fills up quite fast and usually I decide I need more oil after not too long. Today was no exception.

So I walked over to the sink, grabbed the dishwashing soap, walked back to the stove and dumped a whole bunch of it into a little place I created for it in the center of the pan. I continued on stirring trying to get everything saturated when after a few minutes I wondered why things weren’t working as well as they normally do. Then I looked over and saw the soup sitting next to the stove. Huh. Did I actually just dump that shit into my food? Yes. Yes, I did. I looked up and there was the olive oil sitting on the shelf untouched. I had just ruined my breakfast. I was really looking forward to it too. If you think I was going to stop at onions and potatoes, you’re dead wrong. But it wasn’t meant to be today because sometimes I dont pay attention to what the fuck I’m doing. Thanks for listening. Now you know where I’m coming from.


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