My initial reaction to the Jacque Jones trade and other rumors.

Goodbye to jones. Thats the good news right? I guess? Jones just got sent to the Tigers for Omar Infante. Plus, they are apparently trying to sign Kaz Matsui to a three-year deal. Jim Hendry wants to make this team worse is the only conclusion I can draw from all this. Either that or they are
trying to stock the Iowa Cubs with a veteran infield next year. Maybe Iowa can win a championship with Fontenot and Theriot at 2B and SS?

Infante sucks and Matsui isn’t very good either. Especially if you look at the splits away from and at Coors field. DeRosa was arguably the team MVP last year and they want to turn him back into a utility
guy from the looks of it. I’m no huge Jacque Jones fan either but I guarantee you he puts up better numbers than Infante next year. He has in every other year of his career. And thats in the outfield! Where the cubs NEED players! Or are they expanding major league infields
next year and adding an extra base and I just havent heard about it yet?

This move is awful. I fail to see how Infante fits on this team. Obviously on the bench. And thanks for coming out Fontenot. The Cubs are not the organization for you. We prefer proven, lousy veterans.


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