You can take the Devil out of the Rays but… you cant take the Rays out of the Devil.

Ive been away from MIGAMES too long. Did you know? Daryle ward signed with the Cubbies for another year! Its true. They now have the #1 pinch hitter slot filled for the entirety of the 2008 season. Things are looking good. Actually the offseason has been pretty boring. Is it blasphemy for me to say that?

The Arod thing is highly uninteresting. The only thing less interesting is where Barry bonds is going to sign. Is it possible he signs nowhere? Please, how awesome would that be. Like I’ve said before, people over 40 suck at baseball. I’m looking at you Roger Clemens. Actually, clemens knows this. I’m actually directing my gaze towards Kenny Rogers and Curt Schilling. Also, is Randy Johnson planning a comeback next year? Maybe they should start a senior league for these people.

You know, I can understand wanting to play until you die. Just look at Bill Lee. If youve seen the Spaceman in Cuba film, you will know that that dude will play til he dies. And I respect that even if he is now clueless about how lame his old team, the Red Soxs are. My point is that even I will play baseball and/or softball until I cant walk. But goddamn it if they have to do it in MY major leagues.

People would totally go crazy for it. Imagine, a mandatory retirement age of 40 and once you’re out, you have the option of a senior league! The media would love it, all their favorite old farts in one place. There could be 8 teams probably. Anyway I think it would work. I guarantee I would not watch it but I also hate old people so you cant go by me. talk to you later baseball fans!


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  1. damn you, i was looking foward to your prespective on the Devil Rays…check that the Rays franchise and you write nothing about them. Welcome back to Migames.

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