Giants submit bid to become first team in the Senior league.

They let Bonds walk due to his inability to run on a baseball field. But don’t accuse SF of ageism.

Omar Vizquel got his wish to return to the San Francisco Giants.

The 11-time Gold Glove shortstop agreed Friday to a $5.3 million, one-year contract, a deal that includes a club option that could make it worth $10.2 million over two seasons.

Vizquel said throughout the season that he wanted to return to the Giants– and both manager Bruce Bochy and general manager Brian Sabean are big fans of the 40-year-old Venezuelan.

“Who couldn’t love Omar?” Bochy said late in the year.

I wouldnt. Good thing I have no interest in the Giants.

In other news, I forgot to talk about the Devil rays. I mean, Rays. I’m interested in this team for one reason. They need to trade Carl Crawford to the Cubs. Here is what I suggest. Rays get: Felix Pie and Eric Patterson and maybe a minor league pitcher. Cubs obviously get Crawford. Why? For this lineup:

1. Crawford CF
2. Soriano LF
3. Lee 1B
4. Ramirez 3B
5. Soto C
6. DeRosa 2B
7. Jones RF
8. Theriot SS

With that lineup and a rotation of Zambrano, Lilly, Hill, Hart, Marquis, Marshall, hopefully not Dempster but ok as the 5th guy (try him out if you must), and all these people having average to good seasons, that is a potential World series team. I didnt mention the bullpen but its good with Marmol, Howry, maybe Wood, and maybe some of those guys I mentioned that dont make the rotation.

I think i’m doing a pretty good job of not sticking to my subject. But fuck it, this is MIGAMES


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