Why A-Rod left? A closer look into why he dont play for the yankees no mo

Arod left the yankees because of several reason. Actually, Arod isn’t coming back to the yankees for several reasons. 1st one: Playoffs. Yes Yes and Yes, i know, small sample size, numbers inflated by the media, etc. Thats not the reason why I bring up the playoffs. I bring up the playoffs because he has played for them in 4 years and he hasn’t been the difference in getting past the playoffs. He isnt the reason why they have failed, but he hasnt been the reason they have continued. A huge debate can continue on what arod meant to the yankees in reaching the playoffs. In fact, Arod was worth 5 wins a season. And without Arod, we would have not made the postseason this past season. Its very hard to imagine that a batter can be the difference maker, on a regular basis, for any team in the playoffs. If so, players like Billy Hatcher, Pat Border and David Eckstien would be in the HOF. They arent. And if your mission statement says “Win a World Series” would you pay someone 30 million that hasnt been a difference maker? In all disclosure, the reason why the yankees havent made it to the world series these past 4 season has to do much more with pitching than arod. Then shouldnt you invest 30 million on pitching instead of one player?

Another reason why Arod doesn’t play for us anymore is arbitration and draft picks. With the yankees changing gears of late. They have become great at drafting player, especially those that other teams are affraid they cant sign. With Arod opting out and the yankees offering arbitration, next summer the yankees might be selcting 3 players from selections 15 thru 50. Not bad.

 If arod had won a world series or two while putting up those same numbers in the playoffs that he already has, and if Joba Chamberlin and other draft picks wouldnt have panned out for them, there is no doubt in my mind that Arod would be coming back. What happened is that the yankees have realized that they dont need arod. Thats why arod is not coming back.

Arod not coming back has less to do with his image than he real worth to the yankees


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