Whats all this talk about not hating the Cardinals?

I said I was happier when St Louis won the world series than after what happened this year. And now David Eckstein files for free agency? They are certainly much more likable when they aren’t the “defending” world champs and without Captain Hustle. Ok, they’ve still got a long way to go. Scott Rolen and Jim Edmonds are (unbelievably) still playing.

Anyway my entire point was to this post was to draw attention to


There haven’t been any signings but there have been lots of filings! Whats up with the Cubs?

1. Kerry Wood files.
I want Wood back in the Cubs bullpen. Thats all I’m gonna say for now.

2. Jason Kendall files.
I wouldn’t mind Kendall back with the Cubs. But only as a backup because 2008 is Geovany Soto year. Kendall would be a luxury as a 2nd catcher even though he can’t throw anyone out. But its not gonna happen so I’ll start getting used to Blanco now I guess.


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