Red Sox win the world series, Arod opts out. Hey, anyone want to kick my grandmother?

Fuck the Red Soxs, i saw a total of 0 innings and im proud of it.

 This is whats so bizzare about baseball, the red soxs are 8-0 in their last 8 games in the world series and are 8-6 in their last 14 LCS games. BUT they could have easily been 1-8 in that series if the yankees and indians won their next game. What does that mean? Joe Torre doesnt manage for the yankees and…

By Jon Heyman,

DENVER — Superstar third baseman Alex Rodriguez notified the Yankees Sunday that he’s opting out of his record $252 million contract, has learned.

Fuck Arod. Man, i liked him. But this is what this means: Hideki Matsui is our power hitter and our Right Handed Batter power threat in the lineup is Shelley Duncan. And if we want to replace Arod, we better be ready to pay…with young talent.

Yes, today is not a good day to be a yankee fan.


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  1. Even when the season is on all anyone cares about is the yankees. Have you ever seen the media section of Yahoo MLB? Well until now that everyone is sucking Red Soxs dick too.

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