Possible Don Mattingly Coaching Staff

If Joe Torre is fired sometime soon, and if Don Mattingly is hired to be manager, this might be his possible Coaching Staff

Pitching Coach: David Allan Righetti


Bring Rags back to the Zoo, Tyler Clippard can give up his number 19 and give it back to Rags

Hitting Coach

If arod comes back, it will be Kevin Long.  But if not, look for Wade Anthony Boggs, the man credited for teaching the yankees their current pitch-selection technique; swinging only at perfect pitches and fouling off close but tough to hit pitches, forcing teams to go to their usually weak bullpens.


Welcome back Boggs, welcome back

1st Base Coach: Robert “Bobby” Meacham Bobby and Mattingly were teammates, and Bobby Meacham is the padres 1st base coach.


3rd Base Coach: Tony Pena…Tony should stay to help Cano, Melky and Posada

Bench Coach: I feel like Joe Girardi will not accept this position, and I think that Paul ONiell will also pass, so here is who I think will be chosen:Joel Patrick Skinner


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