Team Value…How much are they worth

The following is a quick look at team value, all the data was taken from Forbes Magazine

The Yankees were worth $362 million in 1998, by 2004 that number grew to $950

The Cubs were worth $204 million in 1998, by 2004 they were worth $398 million

The Baltimore Orioles, i selected them because they have been in a decline since this period, were worth $323 million in 1998, by 2003 they were worth less than that, but by 2004 their worth was $341 million

The EXPANSION Devil Rays were worth $225 in 1999 by 2004 they were worth the very least, $176 million

When the Expos were the Expos, they were worth $87 million in 1998, when they moved to DC, their net worth more than tripled to $310 million in 2004

Just to look to the yankees in more details, Their 2004 player expenses was around $197 million, their gate receipts was $143. The yankees are the yankees because of their market which gives them $500 million in revenue, or 53% of their reveune.

Compare that to the Cubs. The cubs paid their players in 2004 around $106 million, their gate receipts was $81 million. Their market gives them $184 million (compared to $500 that New York brings to the yankees).

Compare the Cubs to the White Soxs. On Gate receipt alone the cubs bring in almost $50 million more. Think about it this way, Chicagoans go to see the cubs and put down more than twice the amount of scratch than they do to see the White Soxs.

And then comes the LARGER pictures, new stadiums. In 2005 the phillies and the padres moved into stadiums paid largerly by taxpayers but which give most of the revenue to the teams.

Just so you know, the yankees are moving into a new privately built stadium in 2009. (And they call us the evil empire).Well, this is not 100% true

Public financing: $220 million from New York City for parking facilities ($75 million), parkland along the waterfront ($135 million) and other work related to the stadium
Private financing: $800 million from the Yankees

Which team is baseball most profitable in the past 5 years? The seattle mariners;

 According to documents filed with a public stadium authority, which owns the Mariners’ stadium, last year the team’s operating income (in the sense of earnings plus depreciation and amortization, minus capital improvements) was $10.8 million. By contrast, baseball’s most valuable team, the Yankees, had an operating loss of $37 million last year.


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