Steinbrenner, does he have alzheimer’s?

This weekend, the yankees had their backs against the walls, for some reason, Stienbrenner said he doubted he would keep Torre as manager if the Yankees lost their playoff series with the Indians. If you are getting ride of the manager that took you to the post season for 12 straight years, opps, thats not the way to go.

In the same article he went on to say that the yankees had complained to Bud Selig about the bug situation in game two. Now comes this article by cnnsi

In his story, Record reporter Ian O’Connor wrote that, “In the wake of that Game 2 defeat, Steinbrenner said the Yankees had complained to baseball commissioner Bud Selig about the decision to play on. ‘Selig just said, ‘That’s in the umpires’ hands,’ Steinbrenner said. ‘But Jesus Christ, it was terrible. It messed up the whole team.'”

However, there’s doubt about whether the conversation between Steinbrenner and Selig took place. Officially, the commissioner’s office declined comment, but a baseball source close to Selig says that neither Steinbrenner nor any other Yankees official complained to Selig about the umpires’ decision to continue playing Game 2 despite the bugs. “It didn’t happen,” says the source.

Errrrr……What? In this story by fortune magazine, Stienbrenner is described as “inconsistently lucid.”

Great! This is who I want to be in charge of the yankees. Well, there is little doubt that he is in charge, but it seems that he has some say, being that he owns the goddamn team.

Iconsistently lucid…..hmmmmmm….Could it be that that he suffers from something? If so, the power struggle that is about to happen will be MONUMENTAL, being how much is at stake.

In a small piece of a larger picture Joe Torre’s fate dwindles in the wind. As they make a decision on Torre this stuff starts pouring out, from 2 free agents and cornerstone of the yankee dynasty;
Mariano was asked what would be the percentage of him making the decision to not come back to the yanks if Torre is not the manager

“It would be a big (percentage)”

Buster Olney reports about Jorge Posada

Friends of Jorge Posada say Torre’s status is going to be a factor in his decision whether to re-sign with the Yankees; remember, Posada could sign a multi-year deal with the Mets, who need a catcher. 

And then, there is the question of Arod which transends all of this.

The yankees might field a team that looks like the 07 edition, or might field a team that will look like nothing we have seen in a while. It remains to be seen. What does seem to be clear is that the man in charge seems to be forgetting his stuff. 


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