Normally I could care less about NFL

But are you kidding me?

Panthers sign veteran quarterback Testaverde
NEW YORK, Oct 10 (Reuters) – The Carolina Panthers have signed 43-year-old quarterback Vinny Testaverde and placed Jake Delhomme on injured reserve, the team said on Wednesday.

Was Joe Montana not available or something? The Bucs had uniforms looking like this when Vinny was a rookie.


Although, honestly, I can’t believe he is only 43.

This reminds me of some Phife Dawg lyrics from one of my favorite Tribe Called Quest songs, The Chase, Pt. 2. See if you can figure out what year its from. Apparently Vinny wasn’t even that good back then…

But um, no time for jokes, there’s bills to be paid
Hoes to be laid, punks to be sprayed
Chumps to attack, so my man watch your back
Cuz ’93 means skills are a must, so never lack
Sit back and learn, come now watch the birdie
Your styles are incomplete, same as Vinny Testaverde…


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