Life After 2007: Cubs

23cubs2600.jpgNick Laham/Getty Images

I haven’t posted since the loss but I’m not that depressed about the Cubs season being over. I wasn’t expecting it to get past the first round. The Cubs not showing up during that series was disappointing but what are you gonna do. For the first time, I’m actually sure that next year will be better. And I’ve got a lot of time between now and then to talk about it.

The thing I was most pissed off about was the booing of the team at Wrigley and the fact that people there weren’t on their feet cheering until the end of the game. Its the LAST GAME OF THE YEAR and Cubs fans are sitting there feeling sorry for themselves in a 3-1 game with 4 innings to play. Get up and cheer the team on! Do you know how lucky you are to be at that ballpark? It really made me sick. I was livid watching that game, not because of the 4 double plays in 7 innings (though that hurt) but because that place died before the game was over.

And not only that but “fans” were actually BOOING this team. That is sick. That is disgusting. Quit booing the home team. Like when they here that the players will think “Oh, you know what, the fans aren’t getting what they deserve. Let’s start playing better.” You think the players didn’t want to come through? I can’t describe how pissed off I was on Saturday night. I’ve cooled down a lot. It took a half hour phone call with my brother who was at the game, both of us yelling about how disappointed we were in the fans attitude. He said there were a few troopers there, hanging on til the end, but overall it was a sad situation. People believe in this curse garbage and expect to lose. Its pathetic. “Hey, feel sorry for us baseball fans of America. We are doomed to be Cubs fans. We will always lose but at least we are loyal.” Horseshit.

Wrigley Field came a long way this year for me. I used to hate it because of its trendiness but I got over it. I went to two games this year and had an awesome time. Both at a loss and at a win. But I dunno. Saturday night pissed me off. Anyway, I’ve said my piece now. The season is over and we’re looking forward. And come on, who doesn’t love the offseason?


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  1. next season, the centenial year for the cubs last championship. I think it might be the year. I think alot will happen to our two teams based on one player: Arod

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