Hats off to Jared Carrabis

I’m not a real fan of the red soxs. Hell, i hate them, and I have made fun of this election in the past, but early on in the season, i made fun of Jared Carrabis. I made fun of him based on a picture I saw of him on a red sox blog. It was wrong on my part being that I didnt know the full story behind Jared. In the end of the day, he is fan of baseball and really knows his stuff. Anyways, eventhough he wasn’t elected as President of Red Sox Nation, he came in third. Not bad for an 18 year old!

The president of Red Sox Nation?

The guy who Red Sox fans see every time they watch a game on NESN.

Jerry Remy won a landslide victory in balloting for president of Red Sox Nation, garnering 39,120 votes in the election that was held via redsox.com, text messaging and by postcard. The next four finishers were what the Sox described as “regular fans”: Rob Crawford (13,669), Jared Carrabis (9,445), Cheryl Boyd (5,305) and Cindy Brown (3,460).


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  1. Hey guys, thanks for post. I really appreciate it and no hard feelings. That original bashing was my first of a few that I took during the election lol. However, out of the 3 of 4 times that someone had something negative to say, you were the third to retract their statement and say that they made a mistake and that they made a judgement without really knowing much of what they were talking about. So thank you for posting this and best of luck to you with everything, take care.


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