Another Day for the Yankees

Thank god for last night: Johhny Damon, you are forgiven for that grandslam.


I dont want to get into the 1st two games. Game one we lost because Wang didnt pitch. Game two could have gone either way, i would have liked for some sort of delay with all those bugs, but it is what it is. The pitching in that game was sick. Yesterday we won because our bats showed up. If our bats who up today, we will win, and then game 5, anything can happen.

As for the ames of this webpage. It was a fun season. Sorry buddy


One response

  1. The bugs didn’t seem to bother Fausto. What a stud. Steinbrenner is a pompous jackass a la Donald Trump. “He will never ump our games again”. Yeah maybe not, but only cuz he is retiring anyway you dick. And trying to bully around Joe Torre. My sincere apologies but Yankees make me sick.

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