Still life for the 2007 Cubs?

The postseason has not been good to the Migames teams so far. The media has already written 1000s of articles about the same tired story surrounding the Cubs espcially as they dropped the first two games in Arizona. The Cubs get no respect, no love from non-Cubs fans and the national media. Which is fine, Cubs don’t need it. You’ll never see Cubs highlights on a Dane Cook commercial or October baseball commerical.

Anyway as far as the Diamondbacks everyone picked against them before the series started because, oh they are too young and inexperienced to win. The were outscored in the regular season yet still won the NL west? But this is clrealy as far as they’ll get. I wonder if that team has anything left to prove, holy shit.

All this experience talk is for media retards. The D-bakcs didn’t swing at a single pitch off the plate last night and the Cubs pitchers couldn’t locate to save their life. At least not until it was too late. The Cubs haven’t been in Chicago since they swept the Pirates before that Marlins series. That seems like 3 months ago. I know the players are excited to be back home now, they’ve mentioned it in like every interview. I just hope they play like they are capable of and get to play more than one last game at Wrigley this year.


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