“Someone please eliminate this team”

Its 3-3 right now, top of the ninth for the Angels and Boston. Papelbon is in and I would like nothing more than to see him pick up a loss right here.

This is almost a more disgusting read then all that Cubs chatter going on these days:

BOSTON (AP) — Helped by a 17-year-old fan who barehanded a foul pop away from Angels catcher Jeff Mathis, the Boston Red Sox tied Los Angeles 3-3 after six innings of the second game of their playoff series Friday night.

Manny Ramirez’s at-bat continued after the fan, Danny Vinik of suburban Boston, snagged the ball as it was about to settle into Mathis’ outstretched glove with one out in the fifth. The cleanup hitter ended up walking before Mike Lowell tied it with a long sacrifice fly that would have been the third out had Mathis caught the ball.

“Man Oh Manny” and now a new member of the Red Soxs nation thinks they helped their team win a game. Isn’t there such a thing as Fan Interference? SOMEBODY PLEASE ELIMINATE THIS TEAM!


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