Game 2 NLDS recap: Choking in more ways than one

I’m talking about secondhand smoke in the bar I was watching the game in. I left early but not only because of the pathetic performance by the Cubs. As I was sitting there this drunk ass comes in and sits down and claims he is a Cubs fan since age 10. Mmm…

Since that point all he says “Come on Cubbies. Lets go Cubbies. GODDAMMIT! GET A REAL PITCHER IN THERE!” This is when Hart is pitching. I say “He just struck out two batters…”. Every ball by a Cubs pitcher, every strike by a D-backs pitcher, everything even REMOTELY bad for the cubs its “FUCK! Goddammit, Cubbies. COME ON!” Unbearable.

As I sit there listening to this constant barrage of “Come on Cubbies… Oh man, You can do it Cubbies.” It comes up that he is a Red Sox fan and he can’t wait until they win it all. Huh? Before that came up I took his annoying and condescending Cubbies talk as well-meaning but I realized he is just another one of these non-Cubs fans that love the 99-year drought “story”.

He actually said this to me: “The Yankees are the Evil Empire man! The Red Sox the Rebellion! You know, like in Star Wars?” Could anything be more wrong? Could you imagine Princess Leia dropping $50 million for the exclusive rights to negotiate with Dice-K? I cant. Can you see Luke Skywalker trading away the farm for Gagne to bolster an already above-average bullpen to block other teams from getting him? Obviously this guy was a tool.

I might have stayed to watch the whole game but I realized a few things:

(a) I hate breathing in cigarette smoke
(b) I hate drunk assholes that claim to be Cubs fans and won’t shut the fuck up
(c) I have better things to do with my time that get “a kick in the balls in the name of entertainment”.


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