NLDS Game 1 recap: Looking forward

I’m not gonna talk much about the game but I’m not actually that upset by the loss. Would I rather the Cubs win? Yes. But did I expect them to become a completely different team when the postseason started? No, I didnt.

I just want to say that I’m sick of reading about the Cubs. All these articles make me sick. I’m going to watch the games but that will be it. The last straw came when I read Jim Caple’s piece of shit (along with commentary on Hire Jim Essian blog) about how it would be better for everyone if the Cubs never won. The theory is revolting in itself but the article is just too insulting and horrific really to be believed.

And apparently now Lou Piniella is under fire for taking Zambrano out of the game. OH MY GOD, sportswriters definitely do not have lives. So from now until the end of the playoffs its only about the baseball for me. No supplemental reading involved save Migames posts and maybe Mark DeRosa’s blog. I’m glad I dont have to listen to the commentators of the games. Reading the closed captioning at the bar was plenty if I had the desire to start getting annoyed with something. Its all the same thing over and over and over and over again. Really disgusting.


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  1. this is what rob neyer had to say about this:
    Of course it’s fair to second-guess Piniella. That’s what we do, whether we’re fans or writers (or sometimes even both). But while second-guessing is appropriate, in this case it’s not particularly cogent analysis. This is what me might call “results-based” analysis; if the results had been different, most of the writers would be writing a different tune

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