Team Mascot:

The indians have Chief Wahoo:


Notes on Mascot: It was redrawn by 1951 but the image still draws protests from some members of Native American tribes and the NAACP.

The yankees had Dandy:


Notes on Dandy: He appeared at the start of the 1980 season and was so unpopular that he was quickly cancelled. Dandy was beaten up by fans who didn’t want a mascot, and quit, leading to the elimination of the character as the Yankees chose not to replace him

EDGE: I dont know which one is more offensive? EVEN

The Mell Hall AWARD:

mel_hall_autograph.jpg Versus hall0624.jpg

Notes on Mel Hall: Former major league outfielder Mel Hall was indicted Wednesday on charges that he sexually assaulted two girls – ages 12 and 14 – who played on elite basketball teams he coached in the 1990s.


What they wore in 75




EDGE: The red is fine, its that baby blue: YANKEES

Movies about them:




EDGE: Vintage De Niro in yankee gear beats vaughn any day of the year: YANKEES

Whats in the name:

The “Indians” name originates from a public contest to decide a new name. In reference to the Boston Braves the public chose “the Indians”.

AKA: The Tribe and The Wahoos


The “Yankees” name originated as a variation of “American”, after the team’s league.

AKA: The Yanks, The Bronx Bombers, The Bronx Zoo, Damn Yankees and Evil Empire

EDGE: anyone with a nickname that includes the words zoo, damn and evil have a major advantage: Yankees

What did Jose Canseco do in their ball parks:

Indians: On May 26, during a game against the Cleveland Indians, Carlos MartĂ­nez hit a fly ball that Canseco lost in the lights as he was crossing the warning track. The ball hit him in the head and bounced over the wall for a home run

Yankees: IN 1991 Canseco was photographed leaving the New York Upper West Side house of the infamous Madonna, prompting new fodder for tabloids. Tensions mounted at Yankee Stadium when Canseco and a fan almost came to blows over a fan’s heckling of Jose and the Material Girl.

EDGE: A homerun is a homerun, battery is not fun: Cleveland

ADVANTAGE: Yankees. The yankees take the series in 4 games


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