Why did the yankees win this year?

The yankees won this year thanks to 5 teams.

Cleveland, Kansas City, Texas, Arizona and the Pirates. Their combined record against them was 25-2. Against everyone else they were 69-66.

 According to Bill James’ Pythagorean theory the yankees should have finished with a 97-65 (actual: 94-68).

Who outdid their Pythagorean w-l? The diamond backs by 11 games and seattle by 8 games.

Who lost more games than they should have according to the pyth w-l? The San Francisco Giants. They should have ended with the same record as the Cardinals. Which would have had them in the race up untill September if they played in the NL central.

and as for Jacob Luft assesment

I still think the Yankees are the classic bullies. They beat up on the mediocre pitchers but blink when somebody stands up to them.

The yankees went 44-37 against good teams and went 50-31 against bad teams


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