Cubs…Marathon…Where will all the drunk fans go?

Thanks to TBS and their sucking factor, they picked an awful time for the sunday game. If the game was later at night, I could go and watch it, but thats not the reason why it was a bad idea. The reason, the Marathon runs right next to wrigley. Mayor Daley, the patriarch and white sox fan of chicago says they can coexist. For those looking for marathon info and or where to get drunk info check out the following info:

As the Diamondbacks and Cubs get ready for Game 1 in Arizona the City of Chicago’s already thinking about a possible Game 4 at Wrigley Field. If it’s needed, Game 4 would be Sunday at noon.

Sunday is also the day of the Chicago Marathon, and the route of that race runs right through Wrigleyville. That means a crowded neighborhood ready for a playoff baseball game will be even more packed.

The City of Chicago and marathon organizers are not counting on either team sweeping, so they are looking at Game 4 as a very real possibility. While the timing is tight, Mayor Daley said Tuesday he is confident the two events can coexist, because the course takes runners on the North Side at the beginning of the marathon.

The Chicago Marathon comes once a year. The Cubs playing in the playoffs…it doesn’t happen too often. But on Sunday, both events are taking place about the same time and near the same location. It could create a logistical nightmare for the City of Chicago.

“It certainly could pose a challenge when you have 40,000 athletes who have been training for months come to the same neighborhood as 40,000 fans who have been praying for decades,” said Kevin Smith, Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

The City’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications is hoping timing will work out. The marathon’s north end of the course loops around Addison and Broadway at mile marker 7 and 8. LaSalle Bank Marathon organizers say most runners should clear the area around 10:30, leaving 1.5 hours before game time at Clark and Addison.

“We took into consideration the possibility when we designed the course. I think we can coexist. We had a very productive meeting. There will be a traffic advisory and they’re going to make adjustments of some of the traffic patterns around Wrigley,” said Carey Pinkowski, LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon.

Although, OEMC’s Kevin Smith admits the timing is snug, the city and marathon organizers are working together to make sure Cubs fans can navigate their way to the game with marathon street closures and runners can run safely without interference Cubs fans.

“If we need extra people, we’ll bring them on. One benefit of Wrigley Field is it gets filled up just about every time the Cubs play. So we’re pretty familiar with a full house,” said Smith

By Sarah Schulte

Who knew that our friend from college works for abcnews7?


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