NL Central Champs Celebration

I shouldve posted these already, I watched them a few times this weekend. Huge Thanks to “CubbieSkank” for uploading these to Youtube. You are my hero. My favorite interviews are Ted Lilly and Mark DeRosa. and Of course, Sweet Lou!

“We like parties,” Cubs manager Lou Piniella said, drenched after a champagne shower from his players on Friday night. “Hopefully, we can have a few more.”

Part 1: Ron Santo, Ryan Theriot, Ted Lilly (pt.1)

Part 2: Ted Lilly (pt.2), Alfonso Soriano, Cliff Floyd, Carlos Zambrano, Derrek Lee (pt.1)

Part 3: Derrek Lee (pt.2), Mark DeRosa, Jason Marquis, Matt Murton, John McDonough, Jim Hendry (pt.1)

Part 4: Jim Hendry (pt.2), Lou Piniella, Larry Rothschild (pt.1)

Part 5: Larry Rothschild (pt.2), Gerald Perry, Aramis Ramirez, Len and Bob wrap-up

Enjoy!! GO CUBS GO!

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