I’m blaming “Dolphin Stadium” for Cubs horrible play this week. After playing in a packed Wrigley the Cubs went to down to Miami where they played in a stadium with about twice the capacity but with a turnout less than half of the 40,000 that come to Wrigley every day. And the only way they got that many was because the Cubs were playing. Probably 2/3 of the fans were Cubs fans.

Not that it mattered to the Cubs. In fact, it probably just pissed off the Marlins.

“When you’ve got a lot of their fans in your home ballpark,” Marlins reliever Justin Miller said, “you want to go out and shut them up.”

I’ll even go so far to say that Dolphin Stadium is part of the reason the Marlins record is so bad. Yes, I’m also making excuses for why the Cubs got swept by a last place team but that place is just not right. Its gigantic, the fans arent even close to the field. All you can see in the outfield are empty seats. If you have a small market team, have a small market stadium. Its pathetic.

Anyway the Cubs played like shit and I hope I never see Steve Trachsel on that mound again. What the hell was that trade? Sean Marshall would’ve given the Cubs a better chance. I wish I had a picture of Larry Rothschild’s face during the first inning yesterday.

Yeah, the Cubs will probably win the division due to the fact that the Brewers suck. Was that ever even in question? I know anything can happen in the playoffs but the Cubs better start playing like they deserve to make it. I’m not excited about being embarrassed in the first round by one of those NL West teams. Though honestly they don’t scare me much more than the Marlins.

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