MIGAMES love child, Jerry Lisenby gets cut from the Biggest Loser. The biggest loser goes back to being the dumbest show on earth

Not a good sign when our teams are about to clinch a playoff spot and Jerry Lisenby gets cut from the biggest loser. Must I remind you all that Jerry was the captian of his team, selected his team members and then was voted off by those very same team members? Like Thom Yorke once said, You bite throught the big wall, the big wall bites back

Jerry summed it up the best:

“It just doesn’t make sense,” said Jerry.  “None of them would have been on this team had it been for me.  I took the leap of faith and asked them to be on my team.  I just hope they understand that if they want to continue, they need me.”

Its bullshit at its highest. I urge all of you to stop watching The Biggest Loser, it has become a backstabbing reality show. Turn on PBS and enjoy real television


“fuck you, bitches”


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