Dear Steve Phillips and John Harper of The Daily News: EAT IT


On August 20…..A MONTH AGO:

Vinny (New York): With a gun to your head, still Seatle over the Yanks for the Wild Card? Yankees are looking pretty impressive, just taking care of most people’s “best team in baseball.”

Steve Phillips: (12:09 PM ET ) The Yanks looked good beating an undermanned Tigers team, I agree with you. But I think the Mariners will hold on and win the Wild Card. Their starting pitching is just good enough and their bullpen in unreal. They have one of the best defenses in babseball, and they are starting to produce on offense. I think it is too little too late for the Yankees to make the playoffs.

The Daily news on July 2nd:



At least John Harper ate his humble pie:

Sept 27, 2007, John Harper: “The bottom line is that I should have known better”

John Heyman from cnnsi

OK, I admit it. I was wrong in May about the Yankees. They got in.

Buster Olney from

John Harper writes that he was wrong about the Yankees; I’m right there with John.

So Steve Phillips, WHAT SAY YOU?


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