The Chad Curtis Douche Award goes to: Jeff Kent

If this is a surprise to anyone, they aren’t paying attention. Jeff Kent is a douche. He has played on 6 teams for a reason…Because he is a douche. I dont follow the Dodgers, but their teams seems old and crusty. I mean, a starting lineup that includes Jeff Kent and Luis Gonzalez should tell you the whole story. But when Graddy Little started playing the younger players over the older players, Kent and his buddies got angry:

Although second baseman Jeff Kent was the first player to speak on the record about the Dodgers‘ internal problems — most notably a widening schism between some veterans and a group of first- and second-year players — there was palpable tension in the clubhouse for much of the second half. The separation developed largely along generational lines, with the 39-year-old Kent and 40-year-old outfielder Luis Gonzalez among the players on one side and outfielder Matt Kemp, who turned 23 on Sunday, 25-year-old Andre Ethier and 23-year-old first baseman James Loney on the other. Instead, the veterans grew frustrated with their diminished playing roles at the same time that what might have been their last, best chance at the World Series was disappearing. In addition, they say, the young players haven’t paid them or the game proper respect. It’s an old-school notion — that rookies should be seen and not heard.

Ahh yes, rookies should be seen, not heard. Of course, of course. This is the type of crap that makes me hate baseball. Jeff Kent, today’s winner of the Chad Curtis Douche Award



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