Yankee Magic Number Down to 1 and Hideki Matsui dressed like a pimp

Well, the yankees are about to eliminate Jim’s other team. It will be sweet justice if the yankees end up eliminating his other team in the world series. Today was the last yankee home game, which means one thing, Rookie Hazing. All of those pictures are good, but not as good as what Matsui had to do in 2003.



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  1. I think I have to go on record here and say that I have no love for the Tigers. 2006 was a rough year for reasons that have nothing to do with the Cubs. I made some poor choices. I once rooted for Kenny Rogers, which I now consider to be a serious error in judgement. Similar to saying Curt Schilling is cool simply because he has a blog. The Tigers do have some players I like and respect like Guillen, Inge, Robertson, Verlander but really not that many. And i havent watched them at all this year.

    At the same time, baseball is more fun to watch when you’re rooting for someone. I barely knew the Cubs team because I hadnt followed baseball for years. And when your team is managed by Dusty Baker I think you can be allowed a little leeway. Let me just take this moment now to put the past behind us and declare myself a Cubs fan and nothing else. They are easy to like right now but if they ever turn into a bunch of assholes again like the ones that ran Steve Stone out of now I will have to side with intelligent baseball people like Stoney and call their bullshit. I’m a baseball fan above all but I have no team besides the Cubbies.

    And that is the end of the lecture. I apologize to Detriot and the Tigers for being fairweather last year.

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