Pure and Utter Bullshit: Arod owns the Cubs

Rodriguez’s agent, Scott Boras, has already identified the leading candidate to buy the Cubs and has begun negotiations on a mega-deal. The publication’s sources say that the deal could reach $30 million per year over 10 years, with part of the contract deferred toward an eventual stake in the franchise.

This makes me sick

UPDATE: this comes from the best beat reporter that yankees have, Pete Abe. this is what Pete has to say about this stroy:

By now you may have heard about the story New York magazine did on Alex Rodriguez. In essence, a source claims that Scott Boras has negotiated a 10-year, $300 million deal with a prospective owner of the Cubs that will include a chance for Rodriguez to purchase part of the team.
The writer was Will Leitch of Deadspin fame.
It’s hard to believe on several fronts. The sale of the Cubs is not likely to be completed until January, if then. If Rodriguez were to become a free agent, it’s hard to believe he would wait so long to sign with a team.
If a prospective ownership group were discovered to be negotiating with a player under contract with another team, that would be grounds for their bid to be terminated. Rodriguez is good. But no player is good enough to take that risk.
The leading contender for the Cubs is an investment group leaded by John Canning Jr., a friend of commissioner Bud Selig. It’s hard to believe Canning would go behind Selig’s back in such a way.
Finally, Boras would not risk his entire empire by doing such a thing. Agents talk to owners all the time. But if Boras was found to be negotiating such a deal six months ahead of time while Rodriguez was still playing for the Yankees, he would lose whatever trust he has built up with 29 other teams.
It’s a well-written story. But nobody is quoted. A-Rod may not be Churchill, but he’s available twice a day every day if you have a question. As for Boras, if you can’t get him to talk about Alex you’re just not trying.
Which may well be the case. Maybe the writer didn’t want anybody to refute his source.
You also need to consider the source of the story. New York is a good read if you find a new sushi restaurant or you’re dying for the gossip about Fashion Week. But sports?
But get used to it. Between now and whenever a final decision is made, there will be dozens of stories referencing dozens of sources about what A-Rod will do. Most will be abject speculation. Throwing something up there and seeing if it sticks is part of the business.
What is certain is this: The Yankees drew 4.2 million people to the Stadium and that’s an awful lot of Cokes, hot dogs and $30 caps. With a new stadium rising and YES on the air, the only real surprise will be if Rodriguez ever gets to free agency in the first place

UPDATE 9:04am

This comes from Buster Olney’s blog:

some of them also think that this New York Magazine story will make it very hard for the Cubs to negotiate with A-Rod, if they were so inclined, because their ownership situation will still be pending. Look carefully at what Yankees president Randy Levine said: “It’s a silly story and we don’t believe it. However, if it was true, it would be grounds to disqualify the applicant even before he went through the process, because it would demonstrate a disregard for major league rules and procedures, and we’re confident the commissioner would feel the same way.”

Wow, this story has legs…


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