Mark teixeira is my new favorite player

I’ve got all kinds of good videos in store today as a celebration of yesterday’s wonderful day for baseball. As just to set the record straight, I could care less what happened in the American League. Hasn’t that playoff picture been locked up for about a month now? Boring.

Mark Teixiera singled in the winning run in 11 innings against the Brewers after Chipper Jones tried to ground into his second straight double play as a big Fuck You to the Cubs. Chipper did drive in the first two runs of the game… but what have you done for me lately, Larry? Also, Scott Thorman (the guy who Teixiera replaced at first) hit a home run in the bottom of the 10th to keep the game alive and depress the hell out of Corey Hart.

“We’re down 2 1/2 with eight left. That’s not good math,” said Milwaukee’s Corey Hart, whose 10th-inning homer gave Milwaukee a 3-2 lead.

So in a thank you to the Braves and Teixiera, here is this thing which has been viewed over 225,000 times on (btw guys, sorry Mark didnt the braves get back in it). Also, I love how they say Scott Thorman “stinks”. He only single handedly kept the Braves in the game coming off the bench with 2 outs. Then he gets overshadowed again by “Maaaaaaark Teixiera”

Oh, and in case you’re interested in how the Cubs hit 4 home runs in the second straight game (this time with the wind blowing in) and how the rookies, the defense, and the bullpen have stepped it up to play like a playoff team… Check out this video of Sam Fuld’s catch in the 7th inning. You’ll have to download some retarded Microsoft Silverlight plug-in but I can’t help it that has no concept of or care for how people use the internet.


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