One lefty down.

The Pirates are throwing three left-handers at the Cubs in this series. So far, the record is 17-22 against lefties this year. But the Cubs have been playing them better lately and the wind was blowing out yesterday. Aramis hit two 3-run homers. Soriano led off with one. Soto hit a pop-fly that would have been caught any other day but it snuck out into the bleachers.

After Marquis let the Pirates right back in the ballgame after the Cubs initial lead, I thought it was going to be a long day. Its a good thing the Cubs bullpen is ridiculously good with rookie Kevin Hart and Carlos Marmol (Joba who?). Howry has been outstanding. Even Kerry wood has been pretty lights out lately. Not to mention, Scott Eyre looks like a brand new pitcher since earlier in the season. The bullpen shut down the Pirates (after Will ohman let his inherited runners from Marquis score of course) for last six innings.

Ever since I was a kid I remember the Cubs playing Van Halen’s Jump before home games. I’ve been hearing that song before Cubs games before I even knew what it was. But apparently, they don’t always play it… From

Since the Cubs have exclusively played Van Halen’s “Jump” prior to home games, which began June 3, the team has a 58-42 record, best in the National League.

That was the turning point of the season for many reasons. All I’ve got to say is: Look out 2008. And that’s a lot different than “wait til next year” because the Cubs are in first place right now thanks to this.


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