Brewers fans: whining hypocrites

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Online:

You hate the Cubs because they’re from Chicago, period. No other excuses needed. But, just in case, you hate them even more when they start pulling out games in the ninth inning and you watch and hear those Wrigley Field fans who have suddenly put down their cell phones and covered up their tank tops and roar for – good grief, can there be any nickname in baseball lamer than this – the “Cubbies.”

Yeah, its called the “Brew Crew”, or “Brewers”, which is a name for people who brew beer. You must really love drinking beer up there in Milwaukee to name your team after an alcoholic beverage that kills thousands of people per year in drunken binges or car accidents…

So what if they’ve waited around a century for another World Series title in Yuppieville, Wrigleyville or whatever they call that neighborhood of bars and a ballpark on Chicago’s north side.

Oh wait, so you DON’T like bars? Your team IS called the Brewers isn’t it?? I’m glad you’re so above surrounding your ballpark with drinking establishments. Can you imagine, some teams in this league even name their ballparks after big-name brewing companies!! Fucking Cardinals, how distasteful can you be?


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