Cardiac Cubs strike again, Hunter Pence is the man


Sooo… the Cubs won another uncomfortably close game in the late innings again. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m loving it. As are these guys:

(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

After the Cubs game ended, having just watched their 80th win of the season, I switched on to watch the end of the Astros-Brewers game. It was the top of the ninth, the Brewers were batting down 4-2. Brad Lidge pitching, J.J. Hardy at the plate. All of a sudden J.J. (what does that stand for?) rips a double off the wall. “You’ve got to be kidding me, ” is the thought running through my head. But no worries right because Rickie Weeks is up and he basically sucks? Well, he didn’t suck yesterday. Lidge through him three straight balls and the fourth was basically a ball that was called a strike. Didn’t matter because he ripped the next pitch just over the right field wall.

Pence was running back with his eye on the ball, not heeding the warning track or the wall and smacked right into it. I guess he got the wind knocked out of him or whatever because he went down and I thought “Wtf, Rickie Weeks hits a game-tying homer and now Pence is hurt?!?” Pence is awesome, definitely one of my favorite non-Cubs. I decided I was fucking up the vibe by watching this game since it had been a complete disaster since I started watching so I turned it off.

I tried to do other things but I couldn’t keep my mind off the game. Were the Astros going to win it? The Brewers HAD to lose this game. Eventually I turned it back on in the bottom of the 10th. If I was really hurting the Astros chances by watching I’d find out for sure now. Ned Yost (can they get a real manager?) sent Matt Wise in to pitch the 10th. That right there shouldve said Guaranteed Milwaukee Loss.

Orlando Palmeiro drew a lead-off walk. Lance Berkman singled. Carlos Lee hit a sac fly, Brandon Backe (running for Orlando) advanced to third. And, hey look who is batting! its Hunter Pence, not injured at all. The game is basically over right? Astros win. You bet it is. Pence lines a single into left field. 5-4 Astros, Brewers lose. Thank you, Hunter Pence.


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