DeRosa, 10 for his last 10 against the Reds


For some reason, I’m a little superstitious when it comes to baseball. I don’t like talking about streaks that i don’t want broken. Like for instance, I never mentioned last week how many games to the Cardinals had lost in a row (9). Or how many consecutive games Cliff Floyd hit a home run in (3). But holy shit, that game last night was fucking awesome and Mark DeRosa is 10 FOR HIS LAST 10 against the Reds! How does it feel? Look:


It feels good.

The Cubs have to keep it up. I’ve been dreaming of a 80-72 record for a couple days. Since, that loss on Saturday (what a piece of shit that was), I decided the Cubs needed to get to 80-72 before they lost again. But they are going to have to beat Aaron harang to do it. Arroyo has not beat the Cubs this year but Harang has. Zambrano has to bring his A game tonight. My brother is gonna be at Wrigley. And I’m not going to talk about other superstititions for fear of jinx. But they are out there.

Big win last night. Cubs looked like a playoff team, at least in the 9th. How can I do anything but watch baseball for the next two weeks?


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