David Wells: the baseball god really want you to go away

David wells had this to say:

David Wells isn’t ready to leave baseball — not unless the Dodgers win the World Series. “I think a ring would solidify everything,” Wells said. “I think it would be the only thing that could pull me away from the game. But that’s a big favor to ask from the baseball gods. If it doesn’t happen, maybe it’s because they want me back.”

If you don’t win a world series ring, its not the baseball gods way of telling you they want you back. The baseball gods have made you fat, made the padres release you, made you pitch for the red soxs. Its time to leave.

And now that you are going to leave, here is a list of players that need to leave as well, a list of players that should follow in Tom Brunansky’s Footsteps: 

Luis Gonzalez

Kevin Millar

Dave Roberts

Greg Maddux

Roger Clemens

Frank Thomas

Mike Piazza

Spike Owens (just in case he thinks of a comeback, dont)

John Smoltz

Tom Glavine

Julio Franco

Moises Alou

Steve Finley

Ivan Rodriguez

Sandy Alomar Jr

Junior Seau (yes, you too)

Jamie Moyer

Barry Bonds

Kenny Rogers

Jose Mesa

Please leave


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