The team gets a rest, the Cardinals fall to 7 back


Theriot has been looking like he was ready for a day off lately, and he got it. And Ronny Cedeno actually came up big in his place with an RBI single in a 4-2 win. Matt Murton hit a 3-run homer. Soto went 4 for 5. It was all about the bench giving the starters a rest during this 35 games in 34 days stretch. The final score was close in all 4 of the games at Busch stadium (didn’t that place get torn down?) this weekend. But the Cubs actually should have won all four. They weren’t really as close as they appeared. The Cardinals have no right being, in the playoffs this year because the honest truth is that they are a bad team.

The Cubs are NOT a bad team. I’ve bitched and moaned about their uncanny ability to leave runners on base in inning after inning but every team does that to some extent. The Cubs have their weaknesses but they have improved considerably since April. Its like a brand new team.

Remember Cesar Izturis? I don’t even think the Pirates start him now.
Remember Wade Miller as the fifth starter? Those are three games we’d love to have back.
Remember Jacque Jones’ start? Ok, lets forget that.
Remember Scott Eyre’s start? He has given up like 2 runs since the all-star break.
Remember Mike Fontenot, Geovany Soto, Jason Kendall, Marmol pitching every 2 of 3 days? No? Because they weren’t part of the Cubs’ shitty April and May.
Remember Michael Barrett and Mark Prior? The dark cloud has been lifted.

If the Cubs don’t make it this year, I am looking forward to next year. I guarantee the Cubs finish with a better record because Piniella has figured the team out, the players who perform have won their jobs, and Soto and Marmol are studs. And when Rich Hill gets some run support, look out. How bout we start that tonight?


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