MLB New teams: Portland and Las Vegas

We here at migames pride ourselves in naming stuff. We gave David Eckstien his name when Gandalf the Grey forged him from heart, grit and knowledge. Gandalf came to us and asked us “what name shall this creature be known”, we bestowed David Eckstien. True story.

So being that Jim created the 2 new team, Its up to me to give them names.

First off, Portland. Lets look at famous players that hail from Oregon.

Danny Ainge hails from Eugene, but he just played baseball for a couple of seasons and he is known more for his badass trade that snatched Kevin Garnett, so, no real connection there.

Scott Brosius comes from Hillsboro. I love Scott and he can served as 3rd base coach on the team.

Dave Kingman is from Pendelton and his nicknames were Kong and Big Sky. Two great names for a possible expansion team.

Johnny Pesky is from Portland, but he already has something else named after him.

Harold Reynolds is from Eugene. We like that name….the Outback Steakhouse….

Aaron Rowand is from Portland and he is pretty badass…..

What else does portland have?

Jim, Clyde Drexler and the Sea Dogs. Although the Sea Dogs is a good name for a minor league team, we dont think it will translate in the bigs. Its the city of roses. But that sounds gay. You really cant do anything with the name Willamette.

Portland is known for its beers. And we here like beer, and when you think of beer from portland, one name comes to mind; Henry Weinhard and his fictious beer Schludwiller. So with that, we name the Portland team:
The Portland Schludwiller  

Alright, Las Vegas

22 players from Nevada have reached the majors, none “better” than Barry Zito.

Las Vegas is known for its casinos, its movies based on casinos and showgirls (the movie). We all know that Bugsy started Las Vegas, what we dont know is that Bringham Young sent 30 mormon missionaries out to vegas, before vegas was vegas.

We also know that Young was chosen by Joseph Smith to preach the word of the mormon. We also know that mormons believed that Jesus went to north america in somesort of time traveling device. Which leads us to the name that Vegas should have. We all learned about Time Travel via Dr. Emmit Brown and his Y shape invention, the Flux Capacitor. So, with that we give you:

The Las Vegas Flux Capacitors

For those of you wanting to see more on our teams check out the video portion


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