Soriano earns his $$$$$.


I don’t have to watch the Cubs games. Especially away games. Especially at Busch stadium. Joe Buck makes me want to puke. I was lying down listening to Pat and Ron in the top of the 8th, tossing a wiffle ball up and catching it on its descent while Soriano was batting. Sam Fuld was on first after a Cliff FLoyd walk. 2-1 Cardinals, the Cubs have looked like shit against Braden Looper all day (all season actually), but right now ex-roid rager Ryan Franklin was pitching.

Soriano had two swinging strikes on him and I decided I needed to get up. I like to hit a wiffle ball around my apartment with a drumstick while I listen to the Cubs and right now I was feeling the need for some hitting vibe. After a few, close but unsuccessful pick-off attempts at first, Soriano sent Franklin’s 3-2 breaking ball into the stands for a 2-run shot.

Marmol and Dempster closed it out like we know they can and its another Cubs win. From

Dempster has a 3.72 ERA (12 earned runs over 29 innings) in 29 save situations, compared to a 4.70 ERA (16 earned runs in 30 2/3 innings) in 29 non-save situations.

Maybe I can trust Dempster in a one-run game. He looked (ok, sounded) good to me today.


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