Dempster loves the heart-attack save


After 8 lights out innings from Carlos Zambrano, the Cubs loaded the bases in the top of the 9th of a 2-1 game with Z’s spot due up. Piniella pinch-hit Daryle Ward to try to tack on some insurance runs and Ward drove a slider from Jason Isringhausen into deep center field for a bases clearing double. 5-1 Cubs with Dempster replacing Zambrano in the 9th.

And after retiring the first batter Pujols, I almost thought the game was over. Ha, not with Dempster on the mound. Edmonds and Ryan Ludwick (!?) both hit solo home runs to make it 5-3 with 2 outs. But surely, I thought, it was over now. JUST GET THE FINAL FUCKING OUT. Nope. After giving up a single to the Yadier Molina, he was pulled for Bob howry. Of course, NOW they’d be able to get the final out?!!?! (At this point I was YELLING obscenities watching Gameday and listening to Pat and Ron) Nope, two straight singles to Russell Branyan and So Taguchi, although unbelieveably the Cardinals didnt score but the loaded bases.

At this point, I’m absolutely livid. Aaron Miles walks up to the plate and it is impossible to imagine how fucking angry I would be if the bullpen pissed away Carlos’ amazing start and Ward’s double by losing to people like Molina, Ludwick, Edmonds, Taguchi, Branyan, and Miles (was that the starting lineup in the NL for this year’s all-star game, you say? No. Those guys would never even all start at the same time for the 69-76 Cardinals.)

Due to the W flag at the top of this post, we all know it didn’t happen. Miles grounded out. But it affected me for the rest of the night. I could barely think or concentrate. So I watched Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing. And I have no clue what the point of that movie was. Spike Lee’s character was a fucking punk whose ass needed to be seriously kicked at the end. Throw a garbage can through my store window then came ask me for money the next day, you little bitch? I’ll fuck you up.

Ok, deep breaths. This season ain’t over yet.


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  1. ‘Throw a garbage can through my store window then came ask me for money the next day, you little bitch? ”

    That might be the funniest shit i have read in a long time

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