Farewell Trachsel


In Steve Trachsel’s final start as a Cub (fingers crossed), he allowed 2 runs through 5 innings to the Astros and the bullpen (Eyre, Wood, and Marmol) completely shut them down for the final four innings. The Cubs offense showed up and hit 4 home runs. They actually have like 20 home runs this month, which is pretty amazing considering what they’ve done in the previous 5 months of the season.

Derrek Lee sat out for a game with a sore knee after fouling a ball off of himself on Wednesday. His replacement, Daryle Ward (ex-Astro), was 2 for 4 with a solo home run.

I’ve decided I will “vote” for Hunter Pence for NL rookie of the year. I like him better than ryan braun, maybe because he doesn’t play for the Brewers and he is one of the only Astros I can stand. Why? Because after that super-unnecessary diving catch from Carlos Lee to stop Ryan Theriot from driving in the winning run on Tuesday night, he was interviewed on Astros TV. I don’t have the quote verbatim but they asked him if “the ground shook when Carlos landed”. And he was like “that’s funny. Thats not even the first time I’ve been asked that.” And that was the answer. To me, it translates “God you journalists ask stupid questions.”


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