Its all about Rich Hill


Run Support for Rich Hill this year: 3.28 runs per 9 innings pitched.
Run Support for Kip Wells this year: 3.61 runs per 9 innings pitched.

Kip Wells has the second lowest run support this year in the NL. Obviously Rich Hill has the least BY FAR. His 9-8 record should be better but the Cubs offense has underperformed all year. Last night they gave him 3 runs (lower than the average) but they still managed to win because Hill gave up 1 run in 7 innings. On a Mark Loretta HR, his 3rd of the year. (Another wtf? moment)

Then Ryan Dempster as usual makes the game as close as possible in the 9th giving up a run on a 0-out triple. Miraculously, the Cubs hung on to win. I wonder if Piniella is going to use Howry and Dempster every day if all the games are close. They both looked tired yesterday after that horrible, unspeakable, extra innings game on Tuesday night.

Anyway the Brewers lost and the Cardinals are out of it unless the Cubs let them back in next week. Which they, of course, will not.


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