Migames has a love child and his name is Jerry Lisenby


We dont like giving away to much of our personal life, but if me and jim had a child (and only god could grant me that best of wishes) Jerry would be our child. Child doesnt play baseball for the cubs, nor does he go to yankee games, he is a contestant on The Biggest Loser. We only watch it because Jerry is on, and he will bring good fortune to the cubs. You will see

 Here is Jerry’s bio: Jerry Lisenby, 62, is the oldest contestant in four seasons of The Biggest Loser. Jerry, who hails from Peoria, Illinois, used to be a Golden Gloves boxing champion, a body builder, a firefighter, and a hardware store owner. After his retirement, Jerry and his wife traveled to Paraguay with the Peace Corps.


Here are some links on jerry fan sites and forums. This one has found:  the contestant I want to root for the most.

Yes! thats what we like to here from about our love child

Wait, whats this? A clue into who might win it all????? Is it Jerry????

This one just harps the virutes of our love child…in German”Jerry macht Fernsehengeschichte in Jahreszeit 4 als der älteste Wettkämpfer je, auf „Dem Größten Verlierer” zu erscheinen, –mehr als ZWEIMAL das Alter von den meisten anderen Wettkämpfern!” 

As Bono once put it: Achtung Baby!


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