Lilly vs. Cardinals – make up game

I’m predicting right now that THIS GAME TODAY determines the Cubs chances of making the playoffs. We all know that they suck, but that shouldnt necessarily keep them from the postseason. It all depends on today’s game.

Zambrano had thrown 40 something pitches in 3 perfect innings in the first version of today’s game. That is, it was a guaranteed victory. Lilly is arguably the Cubs best pitcher this year. And usually comes up big after a loss (like the one yesterday, don’t get me started). Its all about winning today and pushing the roided up Cardinals (see: Eckstein Ankiel) further into the NL Central gutter.

The Cubs need to be out for blood. Let’s see them get this done. In case its not clear, it ALL rides on todays game. They win today, they win the NL Central. They don’t, they come in 2nd.


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